Carlos, Ingrid, Maria, Markus 2006

World Youth Day 2005: Ingrid and Maria on their way to a special programm on Brother Rafael

World Youth Day 2005: Carmen Argüelles giving testemony of her miracle cure

Johanna Aust, Oviedo 2006

Travelling through Sierra de Guadarrama

Ingrid, Johanna, P. Enrique, P. Gerardo, Maria, Markus, “Trapa” 2006

Ulrike Hennecke, Düsseldorf 2007

Rafael’s writings in the monastery of Oseira, Galicia

Trappist monk „giving a blessing“

Trappist monks and nuns in Rome

Papamobile and pictures of saints, Rome 2009

Trappist monks and nuns after canonization, Rome 2009

Father Abbot giving Maria a good-bye-blessing

Maria, Anne and Markus after the last shooting

Taxi to the airport - Maria